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Fleur has a Bachelor of arts in Photography and Film and is a fulltime photographer and filmmaker. She has travelled to almost every continent working on several projects and is especially passionate about Africa, it’s conservational efforts and wildlife. Her current project after receiving a grant is a collaboration with the Dutch National History Museum ‘Museon Omniversum’ and exhibition developer ‘Bruns’. The theme is to take a stand against poaching and generate money for a local anti-poaching unit in South Africa.


Fleur has worked on several projects over the years, including a documentary feature film called 'Inside the Mind of Favela Funk' which premiered during the 2016 International Film Festival Rotterdam. It talks about the popular music scene from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro Brasil. 


Following the ongoing refugee crisis of Syria, her double portrait of two Syrian siblings was exhibited during a group exhibition at City Hall The Hague. Other exhibitions have been of mixed race couples in post-apartheid society from South Africa and interreligious couples from The Netherlands. Following the popular 'Humans of New York' series, Fleur was commissioned to photograph 'Humans of The Hague' resulting in a group exhibition showcasing citizens of The Hague and their stories. 


Recurring themes are the vexed relationship between man and nature, globalization, prejudice and cultural differences, which she visualizes through photography or film.

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