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An Indigenous Tale

Indigenous community that was harshly forced from their homes, to make place for parking lots and shopping malls for the upcoming World Cup and Olympics. Their complex in Aldeia Maracanã, the old indigenous museum, is situated right next to the famous Maracanã stadium. After the protests in june 2013, the community got their living space back, although under special conditions. This portrait series was shot in January 2013. During this time the group was resisting to leave and was still submitting juridical letters. They received a lot of support from sympathisants from all over Brazil and later the issue caught the eye of the media from the rest of the world. To create an aversion, the Brazilian media described them repeatedly as a group of wild Indians who were fighting with blowguns and bows and arrows. The series shows that they didn't own any weapons to actually fight with.

Aldeia Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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