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My private view (2012)
Group exhibition at Sophie Maree Gallery

Where we used to carefully keep our precious memories in a photo book, nowadays we share them with the world via social networks. Not only images of ourselves, but also our thoughts and daily events are cast onto the web for everyone to see. The massive sharing of intimate and often candid photography is the ultimate expression of the "ego-culture": you as the center of the universe.

As if opening a visual diary, women start confessing in the series "Confessions". From innocent secrets to unabashed confessions — relatable for women, eye-opening for men. The series showcases glimpses of intimate scenes in a playful manner that are not intended to be seen by others, and are accompanied by short texts. "Confessions" examines the current debate about private versus public. How intimate is intimate, when anyone can see your everything?

Preview of booklet "Confessions".

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