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Inside the mind of Favela Funk
Brazil, 2015, Documentary, 68 minutes
Official Selection International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016

‘Inside the Mind of Favela Funk’ is a documentary about love and relationships in the world of the extremely popular ‘favela funk’: pornographic music from Rio de Janeiro's deprived neighborhoods.

The documentary shows the perspective of the favela youth and aims to find the relation between the favela funk lyrics and their personal, daily (love) lives, dominated by a lawless subculture of drug gangs, violence and sex.

‘Inside the Mind of Favela Funk’ gives an insight in the current Brazilian underground music and its corresponding sexual values, but it also shows a search for faith, hope and love.

A film by Elise Roodenburg & Fleur Beemster

Sound recordist: Ward Trommelen

Sound editor: Rob Kanters

This production was supported by the Dutch Film Fund, New Screen - NL

NRC Handelsblad 03/02/2016
Cinemagazine 30/03/2016

RTL Late Night 29/01/2015
De Wereld Draait Door 30/01/2016
NOS op 3 02/02/2016
Radio Langs de Lijn 02/02/2016
FunX 27/01/2016
FunX 03/02/2016
Radio Één Vandaag 04/02/2016
Radio Rijnmond 04/02/2016
Soul & Jazz radio 29/03/201
Parool 30/03/2016

IFFR february 2016

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