Music Theatre

For many actors, musicians, directors, composers and text writers Orkater is the place where they can evolve their own ideas about music theatre. Orkater makes mostly contemporary music theatre, newly written and newly composed. 


Photography of the cast & Trailer

In Rumspringa, iona&rineke tell their sensational story of a special friendship and a secret fellowship; of people entangled in a small surrogate society with its own rules and laws that can lock you in as well as shut you out. Rumspringa is a personal performance about mysterious customs and essential ideals, about clinging to a belief even when the things you were always told can no longer be true. What is left of you when your whole past is unravelling?

Iona&Rineke in cooperation with Shaking Godspeed - Directed by Sanne Nouws


Julius Caesar

When Julius Caesar seems poised to seize complete control of the senate, Brutus is put to the test. What is more important to him: his friendship with Caesar or the preservation of democracy? His own interests or the national interest?


Shakespeare’s tragedy unfurls in the small back rooms of the Roman Empire where the game of politics is played out on a razor’s edge. Jealousy and cunning threaten to jeopardise ideals and the imperative of protecting democratic values – whatever the price. 

text William Shakespeare direction/translation Michiel de Regt, Jip van den Dool, Wout van Tongeren musical dramaturgy Wilko Sterke dramaturgy Wout van Tongeren set design Janne Sterke costume design Jorine van Beek lighting design Stefan Dijkman design concept  Jochem van Laarhoven sound design Robert van Delf kostuums Jorine van Beek regieassistentie Muriel Megens (intern) productie Colleen Smit, Jacobine Oudijk (stagiair)



Distel is dead. He ended it himself and no one knows why exactly. There is no note, no presumed motive. Two years later to the day, the family gets together and the strained relations come to a head. 

direction Michiel de Regt cast ​Juul Vrijdag, Jacqueline Blom,​ Mattias van de Vijver, ​Jan-Paul Buijs​ music ​Roald van Oosten, Bart Hoevenaars, David Corel, Bo Koek text Rob de Graaf sound design Robert van Delft light design Stefan Dijkman